Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today my friend Kris and I took a little day trip down to Denali.  It was an absolutely beautiful day - clear and sunny but oh sooooo chilly.  We had an awesome view of Mount McKinley - all white and snowy and glacier covered.  I was reminded of how much I love mountains and glacial landscapes.  

Awesome braided river - we climbed down there and threw rocks into the river. ahh, simple pleasures.

Mount McKinley - Alaskans call it Denali, but I think that's kinda confusing being that the national park is called Denali. We were super lucky to see it today because it is often hidden up in the clouds.


  1. I loved reading you blogg Maggie. I read the whole thing. I wish I could come and visit you. IN the summer of course. I have really been wondering how you were doing. It sounds like Alaska is a foreign country in a lot of ways but hey The Lion King Came so it must not be too foreign.