Monday, October 31, 2011

owls debut

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for.

Pattern by Kate Davies

2 skeins - $40
pattern - £3.95
knitting time - 2 weeks
ta dah!
And I've already worn it twice.

Friday, October 28, 2011

taking requests

As you might have noticed, in the past month I have dedicated myself to this blog, posting four to five times a week, and it's been a learning experience. By pushing myself to say something even when I didn't think I had anything to say took some serious work and it meant that for a week straight I just posted random youtube videos - sorry about that.

So, I ask you, my devoted reader, if you're out there, what do you want to hear from me? What would you like me to write about? Are you sick and tired of waiting to see pictures of my owl sweater, or could you care less about my silly obsession with knitting?

If you're only here because you're looking for pictures of the Dread Pirate Roberts, you're not alone. You can find that here.

I get hits almost everyday from google searches for the Dread Pirate Roberts and it makes me laugh. On another unrelated note, but having to do with the Princess Bride, my roommates are moving to Guyana where it just so happens, R.U.O.S.s may be a very real thing. We'll hope that's the only danger or the fire swamp that they face in their new home.

Back to my original point, leave your requests in the comments and I will do my best comply.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

chevron love

Look at this darling scarf that my dear friend down under made. Despite the fact that she is in the hemisphere that is going into Summer, she's still got the knitting bug. And what's more, I've been thinking about making a chevron scarf for weeks now. The only thing that was stopping me was the notion that I may have to crochet it. But never fear, Merja has gone and written a pattern and shared it with us all on her blog, h.e.l.m.i. so that we can be warm and chic this winter.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

out of small things

I used to hear people talk about how they couldn't watch the news because it made them depressed and I'd roll my eyes. And I'd think, are we watching the same stuff? Don't you want to know what's going on in the world?

But, you know what? I've kind of had it. with the news. the papers, the radio, the tv (all of which I get online these days).

It all just seems like a lot of arguing... the economy is continually in one sort of crisis or another... wars going on all over the place... we're poisoning the planet... people are dying. It all just seems so unwieldy, what's a girl to do?

And then I remember this:

"... I, the Lord, declare unto you, 
and my words are sure and shall not fail... 
but all things must come to pass in their time. 
Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing
for ye are laying the foundation of a great work.
And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." 

The beauty of Christ's atonement is we aren't required to fix all of the world's problems. We are asked to do good. And when we do good, our meager contributions are made holy through the power of the atonement. There are so many opportunities to do good in this world that we need never let the heavy problems of the world weigh us down. Mine is to get to work and trust in the generosity of God, as well as the power of Christ's atonement to provide for our needs and make me better than I am.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Is there more?

Yesterday afternoon I sought out a lovely garden, and there I basked in the beauty of a perfect fall day. My senses were awakened by the life all around me - stirring something deep inside of me. I closed my eyes taking it all in and found myself asking,

"Is there more?"

A while back, Elder Scott gave a talk about receiving spiritual guidance. In his talk, he told of an instance in which he received revelation, recorded it, and then asked, "is there more?" And he received more, asked again and again received more. 

I have found myself returning to this idea, pondering it I find myself asking, "is there more?" It's an interesting question really. There is so much implication tied up in those three little words - such humility, trust, curiosity and gratitude. To ask for more requires the asker to acknowledge that which they have already received, to recognize what they have received and seek. Seek out more, not knowing what is to come, hoping there is more and trusting it will come.  

It is a question that I keep asking because...
because I am continually assured that the answer is always YES!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Upon moving to DC, I had one primary goal in mind. That goal was to stay in one place for over a year. Ever since I left home to go to law school, I've been bouncing around this glorious country, never able to settle down. For 3 years in a row, I resided in 3 states. That's 3 states in one calendar year, repeated 3 times. Filing for taxes alone was a headache, not to mention all that moving.

When I spent an entire 12 months is Alaska I set a sort of record for myself. But I knew that Alaska and I just weren't meant to be. So I took a lesson from Robert Poste's Child* and resorted to the kindness of relatives. My dear Aunt agreed to put me up while I looked for a job and a place to live. And last October, I quickly found both. So here I am. Living in the same house for more than a year (a year and a week) to be precise and it feels so good.

But change is inevitable and it seems that all of my housemates have decided (for different reasons) that they will be moving out in the next couple months. And that leaves me in the predicament of trying to fill all the rooms in the house or abandon ship like the rest of them. Boo. Just when it was starting to really feeling like home.

Change can be good. Right?

*Have you ever seen the movie Cold Comfort Farm? It is truly a gem and may have a little bit to do with my affinity for biplanes. I tried to read the book, but couldn't get into it. But the whole premise of the story is Flora (recent orphan) decides to live off of relatives, so as learn about real life and get material for the novel she plans to write. She ends up at Cold Comfort Farm and goes about trying to fix everyone's problems (of which there are plenty) and she does. Here's the trailer, complete with biplanes.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Parenthood (the tv show)

Just watched last night's Parenthood and I am in love. With Joel (with the idea of him anyway). Watch it and maybe you'll see what I mean - the way he stood up for his wife and sister-in-law. Possibly the most romantic thing I've ever seen. Maybe I'm tired or a little hormonal but it would be really nice to have someone who has my back. Someone with whom to make big life decisions. It may even be worth giving up some of my autonomy for - if I could ever find such a man.

Oh just watch it, you'll like it.

I've said it before but I really like this show. And I like it because if feels authentic and the characters are so good, not perfect but loving and smart. As silly as it sounds, they value family, and I like that - it's refreshing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

wanna try that

I've finished my sweater (I promise pictures soon) and I'm on the hunt for a new project.

I'd really like to try my hand at these lovely felted bowls.

These were made by Maria Roth, a designer based out of Vancouver, Canada. You can find her shop here. And a brief tutorial on PoppyTalk.

Monday, October 17, 2011

marriage talk

Yesterday was my ward's ward conference. And the stake president took the opportunity to remind us all of the blessings of marriage, that we as singles are incomplete. He did so gently, lovingly and tactfully but it's never an easy thing to hear. Do the wicked take the truth to be hard? Most certainly. But that's only part of it.

As someone who is single long past any time that I would have thought prudent or opportune, I am well aware of the void in my life. The desire is always with me. I could get lost in it's depth and breadth - exploring it's varied qualities, searching out the bounds. I am drawn to it, like a girl in a horror film drawn to a door way, unable to hear the music that warns of the danger that awaits her. I peer across the threshold into this space where unanswerable questions and missed opportunities loom. But don't allow myself to venture far into the deep for fear that I might loose my way and find myself trapped in the void.

I try to keep that door closed. But the door is flimsy, the latch unsound - it is prone to swinging wide with any jostle, nudge or strong wind.

A bit disheveled, I close the door again and go about my life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Miss Representation

I've posted a lot of videos this week but I'm begging you to bear with me because this is something you must see. This is a trailer of a documentary about women in America and how they are mistreated by the media.

Please watch

Go to to learn more and find a screening.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

on second thought, I love taffy too much

So I just realized that this is a really dull post and apologize in advance. Here's my favorite youtube video to sweeten the deal.

Oh shoot, now I want a kitten.

Well here's where it gets boring but keep reading if you're up to it.

Yesterday I bought the tickets, so it's official. I'm going home for Thanksgiving. Something that I haven't done for 5 years. You heard me, 5 years.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading my sister's blog - cuz that's how we communicate (don't judge) - and she mentioned that she was going to home for Thanksgiving. And that got me thinking. What if I went home for Thanksgiving this year? And after thinking it over and talking to my Mom, I figured, Why not?

I love being in a place in life where I can do this sort of thing - nothing tying me down or holding me back. I think I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

The only down side is that I won't  be going to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving this year. I do love spending Thanksgiving with my doting Aunt and Uncle in New England - they are so good to me and indulge me in my favorite Thanksgiving tradition, the dog show.

So look out, Utah, I'm coming. And I expect 2 turkeys, gloriously fluffy mashed potatoes and Grandma's cranberry relish. And I'm reserving the tv in the family room now - for the dog show of course.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

it'd take a miracle

As I am still under the employ of the Dread Pirate Roberts, I was delighted to see the photos of the Princess Bride cast reunion in last week's Entertainment Weekly.  

Here's an interview that the cast did on Good Morning America a couple of days ago. 

I love Robin Wright's comment about asking for take 57 and hoping that no one could see her heart pounding. And though I thought that maybe Cary Elwes had gotten a little soft and lost a little of his edge, goodness gracious, by the end of this interview, my heart was pounding too. And can you imagine Andre the Giant's hand covering your head, like a hat? Priceless!

I think that I may be rewatching this movie tonight.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

all tied up

So I know that I've made it perfectly clear that I think autumn is lover-ly. But in case you need another reason to love the season,


Oh, so pretty and versatile. Not only do they take off the edge off of a crisp autumn day or an over air conditioned room, but they delicately cover my decolletage and can add a little somethin-somethin to an outfit. Also, the right scarf can also function as a neck pillow - give it a try next time you're trying to sleep sitting up (like on a plane or at church).

Here's a nifty video I found on Creature Comforts with some interesting ways to tie a scarf. This definitely gave me a few new ideas.

Monday, October 10, 2011

flying circus


A few weeks ago on a be-a-u-tiful saturday afternoon, I traveled down to Bealeton, Virginia to visit the Flying Circus. I never imagined that such a place still existed and I fell in love with biplanes allover again. Is there anything more romantic? I think not. I've added a new item to my list of 30 things to do in my 30's - ride in a biplane. Now, if I can only locate a "flying instructor" who can treat inner ear troubles.

* see clip

Friday, October 7, 2011

what's making me happy this week

There's this podcast that I listen to. It's called Pop Culture Happy Hour and it's hosted by Linda Holmes, who has become a hero of sorts to me. She used to be a lawyer and now she's a pop culture blogger for NPR. She's witty and geeky and all together quite lovable.

Once a week, she gathers together some of her friends at NPR and they chat about pop culture. It's sort of like eaves dropping on a really great dinner party.

At the end of every episode, they go around the group and everyone shares something that is making them happy that week. It's really interesting to hear what makes people happy and often it's small or obscure things that truly bring the most pleasure.

So here it is,

what's making me happy this week

1) Jujy Fruit. I can't really explain why I like them. They're weird and always getting stuck in your teeth. But every time I see that yellow box, I want them. A couple weeks ago, I passed a display of Halloween candy and there was a big bag of little boxes of Jujy Fruit. I couldn't help myself. They were still soft so they didn't even stick to my teeth and I love eating them out of those teeny tiny boxes.

2) Geraniums. Last Saturday when the weather suddenly turned cold I decided to dig up my geraniums and bring them indoors. I may have been a bit  premature, but I have loved seeing them on my window sill in the mornings.

3) Knitting. I'm closing in on those owls now. 

Okay, okay so my happy things don't have much to do with pop culture, although I think I could make an argument for the jujy fruit, but, here's another

4) Revenge. This show is either really good or really bad but I'm seriously hooked. It's sort of Gossip Girl meets Lifetime movie. Yes, it's total trash, but if into that sort of thing... feel free to join me.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Well, it's fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, and we all know what that means, knitting season. Okay, maybe I'm alone in this but as soon as temperatures start dropping I start thinking about warm woolen mittens and find myself rushing to the yarn store after work to get there before it closes.

I started out with a cardigan for my niece and then decided to go big. I decided to try and make a sweater for myself. This isn't my first sweater, in college I made a cardigan and started another that is still unfinished. But the problem with sweaters is the fit. Baby sweaters are fun because they're fast. You can knit them and reknit them and it's not such a big deal. And it doesn't hurt that everything is cuter when it's smaller.

I've been eying patterns for a while now and have quite a collection piled up in my favorites on Ravelry. But one in particular has been nagging at me. It just so happens to be the first thing I ever put in my favorites. It's so popular that it has become a right-of-passage of sorts.

O w l s: The pattern is available on the designer, Kate Davies website here.

I started it a week ago and have been knitting and reknitting all week. It's knitting up quickly (thank heaven for chunky yarn) and I think it's going to turn out nicely. But I'm taking my time and altering the pattern a bit as I go to make sure that it's going to fit me well in the end. Like I said, that's the problem with sweaters.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glada Kanelbullens Dag!

If you don't already know, I'm mighty proud of my Swedish heritage and generally enamored of all things Nordic. So, I was pleased as punch to discover that today is Sweden's national Cinnamon Bun Day. (In case you need proof). Of all the glorious things that deserve their own holiday, cinnamon buns have certainly earned their place.
I'm suddenly having flashbacks of the lovely smells wafting through the Helsinki train station from the bakery in the basement. To be honest, I am far more familiar with Finnish cinnamon buns than the Swedish variety - but here's a recipe for Kanelbullens that looks absolutely scrumptious (note that it calls for cardamon - which is incredibly pricey here in the states but worth every penny). Oh, that I could leave work right now get baking. Alas!  

Monday, October 3, 2011

balloon festival

A few weeks ago I went to hot air balloon festival at The Flying Circus in Bealeton,Virginia. Actually we got there late. We watched some of the balloons soar away as we drove and by the time we got there they had all left. But there as still plenty to see*. And they set up a final balloon to give rides to the kids. It was a beautiful evening and at dusk, the balloon was quite spectacular.

It reminded me of the classic movie, Night Crossing. It's the story of a family who escapes East Germany by hot air balloon in 1979. I remember watching it in elementary school. And upon watching it again, I think that it is still quite good and truly a remarkable story. If you have some time, you can watch the whole thing here through youtube. It's been broken up into several parts, but it's pretty easy to follow.

* More on biplanes and the Flying Circus in another post.