Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This morning as I was getting ready for work, I was listening to the radio (npr of coarse) and was more than a little shocked when I heard that it was -22 degrees outside.  My bedroom was so toasty it was hard to believe that there was a 90 degree temperature difference across my threshold.  So this is winter in Alaska - yikes! I do not like it one bit. 

Time to look to the list....................

2. My boss

I first met the Judge when he called me back in October of last year.  I had sent my application to the Alaska Courts a week before and was a little surprised to get his call. It was past 8pm and I was watching America's Next Top Model in my PJ's when my phone rang. I ran out onto our splintery porch (only place we could get good cell reception) to answer the call.  He introduced himself and said that he noticed that I had served a mission in Finland and that he had served in Denmark. After asking me a few questions about why I wanted to go to Alaska, he offered me a job - right then and there barefoot on a splintery porch in New Hampshire. I shrieked as I hung up the phone - shocked, amazed and terrified. Needless to say I accepted the position. As scared as I was, it just felt right - also the job market was such that I didn't dare turn down a perfectly good offer for fear of not receiving another. 

A few months later I got an email from the Judge. He told me that he had just been called as the branch president of the singles branch. So not only is he my boss, he is also my branch president.     


  1. Yea, another update... I check every day to see if you have 'blogged' I am happy to have 1,2,and 16 disclosed... Even happier that you have already that many reasons to like Alaska.

  2. Maggie, that is really cool. We all know that the Lord looks out for us. Hopefully Alaska has nice summers, I have no idea.