Thursday, May 6, 2010

inspired; or hoping to become so

I was blog surfing - jumping from blog to blog like tv channels when I came across a quote that gave me pause.  

"Instead of being jealous of your peers, be inspired by what they do."  -Serge Normant

Mr. Normant is a hair stylist.  And with a little googling I have learned that he is THE HAIR STYLIST to the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts.  As someone who usually resorts to cutting her own hair and has actually only paid for a hair cut a handful of times in her life, I can honestly say I haven't much personal experience with hair stylists. (By the way, I'm having a very good hair day today and there is indeed something to be said for good hair - possibly invaluable.)  I picture Mr. Normant making this statement in response to one of diva client's wild rant about their lousy, uber fabulous, celebrity life - and it makes me chuckle.

I like this statement because it is good advice.  Life is full of disappointments and surprises.  Often things just don't work out as planned.  And sometimes I look around, see other people enjoying the sort of life that I'd wished for and I get jealous.  The green eyed monster is often accompanied by it's good pal bitterness.  And before long, I'm hosting a 9-course pity party for 1.    

Don't get me wrong I want to be happy for my friends and family members, but sometimes it's hard to be happy for someone when I'm not happy myself.  I acknowledge that this is a myopic and self centered perspective.  Because, if I step away from my personal pity party for bit, it's not hard to see that I am enormously blessed and that another's success or good fortune in no way diminishes my own.    

But it can be really difficult to dismiss these emotions all together - I really like Mr. Normant's suggestion to refocus jealous energy into something positive, inspiration.  It's all a matter of perspective.  And by changing the way I think about things I can more clearly see the good in my own life as well as the lives of those I love. 

Who couldn't use a little more inspiration in their life.  I thrive on inspiration.  While logic guides much of what I do, my logic continually fails me and I am force to lean on seek out inspiration.  I am continually inspired by the example of others, their wisdom and words of encouragement.  Most especially, I receive divine inspiration from my Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost.  I seek direction from my Heavenly Father daily.  Sometimes it comes through strokes of genius and othertimes through external factors.  

Sometimes the inspiration just won't come.  I see only the obstacle between me and my dreams.  It can feel so hopeless and frustrating.  Elder Christofferson counseled that at such times, prayers of gratitude yield inspiration.  Which I believe is sage advice.  I can't expect to receive answers unless I'm ready to recognize them.  When I am grateful for what I have, my perspectives shifts from what I want to what I have.  By recognizing what I have, I am reminded that God keeps his promises; and trusting in Him, I am empowered to negotiate the terrain before me with confidence.  

So many things in life come down to choices.  I hadn't ever thought that I could choose to be inspired but maybe I can.  So... what if I gave up on jealousy and disappointment, and chose instead to be inspired.  

Wish me luck!


  1. Maggie-in case you didn't know, I love you!

  2. your so wise, big sis! I do wish you good luck, and i think i will join you, heaven knows i need it. love you mags!

  3. Maggie you are indeed Wise... I will read this time and time again as your insights can be life changing... I sure hope you end up in the east coast again... I need you closer!!!