Monday, June 21, 2010

in the land of the mid-night sun

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

I'm all sorts of excited for summer AND that it's going to start getting dark again.  I don't mean to be a hater, but all this sunlight is messing with my circadian rhythm and this lack of sleep is catching up with me.  I am dragging today (and a sorta strung out on diet coke).

So I was successful in getting myself out of the house this weekend. Maybe a little too successful....  But here in Fairbanks, solstice is a big deal and I have to live it up because this is my chance to experience the Midnight Sun festivities. 


  1. Haha....I'm 100% convinced that growing up in Alaska, I don't have a circadian rhythm. Sorry yours is being messed up-glad to hear your livin it up though because its something you will always remember and love! YAY! (And I'm sad the sun is going down, I've missed my continual light, even though today I enjoyed a rather nice 90 degrees!

  2. i can relate, magsie! the midnight sun made it quite difficult to get over the jet lag.
    oh and i got the chance to freshen up on my finnish- keytose, entaxi. well thats my best shot at the spelling, hopefully you can decipher what i am trying to say.