Tuesday, December 22, 2009

things I like about Fairbanks

So this afternoon I'm leaving Alaska (briefly) to go home for Christmas.  As a reminder to myself and all y'all who've been curious here is my list of things I like about Alaska:

1 - I am employed here
2 - My boss (also my branch president who's last name is almost the same as mine)
3 - The Ellen DeGeneres Show comes on at 5:00 here and as I get off work at 4:30 (I know, I know, the cushy life of a gov't employee) I can watch Ellen when I get home from work
4 - Yarn stores, I keep discovering more and more of them here
5 - The Fairbanks Public Library
6 - My view of the Chena River (from my lovely office windows)
7 - Only a 6 hour drive to Anchorage
8 - I am one of the best dressed people I know up here (thanks Mom for helping me out with a new work wardrobe)
9 - My heated garage
10 - New friends
11 - Nolan's Breakfast at the Cookie Jar (worth a trip up to Fairbanks just for their cinnamon roll french toast)
12 - Bragging rights
13 - If Only... (it's a store with beautiful stuff in it and it's only a couple blocks from my office - it's all about the retail therapy and with stuff this pretty I don't even need to buy it, even "just looking" makes me feel better)
14 - Giant cabbages
15 - Wildlife: Muskox, Caribou, Moose
16 - Northern lights
17 - Denali (though not in Fairbanks, Denali National Park is awesome)

I might even love some of these.


  1. I am happy to finally have the LIST and to know about the cinnamon roll french toast..yum yum and If Only... WOW what a shop .. It was great seeing you... We are knee deep in snow... But I'm stilling loving New England..'hope Southern California was great fun!!!

  2. Um.. doesn't sound like you like Fairbanks. This is the only post of yours I read. Your positive attitude is good though.