Friday, January 15, 2010


Okay, January is already half over but I'm going to ignore that fact and reminisce on 2009. 

Looking back on 2009, I feel like a survivor. What a year it was: graduated from law school; passed the bar exam and became a licensed attorney; started my first real job with salary and benefits; moved from New Hampshire to Utah and then to Alaska; attended 2 weddings and 2 funerals; and those are just the major life changing events. Also, gave up chewing gum and read the Doctrine and Covenants.

It was a bit what I imagine running the hurdles would be - one of these days I hope to find time and opportunity to celebrate.

At least I finished the decade off with a bang. I wonder what the next 10 years will bring....................

I'm not so good at the resolution thing - obviously, its January 15 and I'm still trying to figure out what mine should be this year. Last year I did remarkably well for myself.  I gave up gum and set a goal to read the Doctrine & Covenants (which I had never read from beginning to end before) - I think I made other resolutions, funny how I can only remember the ones I kept. Also, I probably resolved to graduate from law school - yay me!

So, in 2010...
1) I was going to give up Diet Coke, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet so I'll resolve to keep my Diet Coke habit under control - ugh, it's my vice.

2) read the reading assignment for Sunday School - I've tried reading the Old Testament before and I know myself and the Old Testament well enough to know that I may never make it through cover to cover but I'm going to try to do all the reading assignments and avoid burnout while catching the highlights.

3) learn to weave - on a loom (I'm taking a class).

4) see an active glacier - gotta do it while I'm here in a Alaska. Ironic that I have to go south to see a glacier.

those are good for now - I reserve the right to make more resolutions later.


  1. Oooh! Let me know about your weaving class! Sounds fun!

  2. OH How HAPPY I was to open your blog as I do everyday and find a wonderful entry... And you have inspired me... I have been going to learn to play the recorded for years...yes the one you learn to play in second grade... Your Hurst friend, I can't remember his first name... WELL, his mother and her sister taught themselves to play and WOW, was she good .... and many times as I listen to a classical piece of music and I am just loving it, I find that it was a recorded... SO you learn to weave and I will learn the recorder and we can be the 1700 sisters together.... YEA US

  3. I read this again this morning as l like hearing your voice in my head. 'hope you have a nice day and that you are seeing alittle bit more day... each day

  4. you are a survivor! and soon to be a master on the loom!
    love you mags,