Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a girl with a plan*

I've been fielding questions lately about my plans.  As many of you may well already know, my job here in Fairbanks is just a 1 year sort of gig.  And that year is almost up. Though I had considered leaving sooner - every week or so I throw up my hands in frustration with my life and threaten to bust out of this joint - I have no reason to leave early.  My job is great and Fairbanks is really quite a pleasant place. (Note: it is pleasant in the summer, not so much once it turns cold and dark.)

My end date is scheduled for August 27 August 13, at which time I will pack my Marry Poppins bags, jump on a plane and head home (not to stay but for a visit).  I haven't been home since Christmas and I desperately miss our cat Zoey, my mama's flower garden, Sunday dinners and my cute sisters.  As an added perk I will travel back in time.  Just as the weather up here has turned drear, through the marvels of modern technology and meteorology,  I will be transported back to summer.  Though the days will be shorter, I am sure that they will be lovely.   

What's next? you may ask.  And this is where my plan gets outright adventurous.  After a few lovely weeks at home, I'm going to drive my little car across the country (never done that before) to our nation's capital.  That's right, I'm going to Washington DC.  I don't have a job lined up yet but I feel strangely confident that DC is where I should go and look.  DC is my most favoritest place I have ever lived and I've been pining to get back there ever since I left.  Thankfully I have a sweet and gracious Aunt who has offered to put me up for a bit while I look for a job.  

And if that doesn't work out, I have no shortage of relatives in interesting places.  So don't be surprised if you find me on your doorstep someday - I'll try and call first, but I make no promises.  

Wish me luck!

* all plans are subject to change at any time, because, above all  

I plan to be surprised.   


  1. Oh it sounds like so much fun! I can't but help being slightly envious of you - I feel like a bug on a wall when I read your blog -- it makes me wonder what life would have been like if I had gone to law school - not that I would give up being a mommy - but wouldn't it be great if you could have it all! I would love to see you when you get into town -- Good luck with the next few weeks -- Love ya Rachel

  2. Wouldn't you know it, my plans are already changing. Turns out that my job will end on August 13. Why is it that the minute I think that something is set, things have to go and change on me? No worries, thankfully I hadn't bought my plane ticket yet.

    Rachel - I guess we'll just have to live vicariously through one another - what I wouldn't give for a cute brood of kiddos like yours. We should most definitely meet up when I'm in Utah.

  3. Ahhh I love it! I am going through the same thing. I kind of realllllly want to go to DC too, but I'm not brave enough. I'm sooooo excited for you!!

  4. Elyse, you should most definitely come to DC - at least to visit. I heard rumors that you have an adventurous plan of your own in the works. Pray tell, what are you up to these days?