Thursday, July 15, 2010

my latest obsession

So I kind of have this thing for dark chocolate - I love it. 
I like chocolate to much to see it diluted with an excess of sugar and dairy.

I also enjoy a good kitkat bar from time to time. What's not to love?  They're crispy and fun to pull apart and have one of the best jingles in the candy world.  (And they share a name with the Kit Kat Club - notorious sex club in Berlin - which I find humorously ironic.)  

Until now I just put up with their sugary sweet milk chocolate, but not anymore.

kitkat dark
I'm sort of in heaven.  This may just be the best candy that you can buy in a gas station convenience store in Fairbanks, Ak.

I know that is a pretty high standard but this little guy is a worthy contender.


  1. i want that. i am seriously addicted to candy because i have been eating kilos of it on a daily basis. the only problem i have come across is that salty black licorice! yuck. i have a whole bag of salty monkeys, really salty monkeys, that are good for nothing but the funny faces people make when they eat them and a worthy attempt to keep me awake during class.

  2. I hear ya, the first time I tried salt licorice, I thought I'd been poisoned. Yeah, I know, a little dramatic but it was the grossest thing I'd ever placed in my mouth. Panda is a pretty safe brand of licorice if you can find it. Not salty just soft and chewy and good.

    Have you tried Diam bars? They're delicious! and if you go to McDonalds, they might just have Diam McFlurries - yum!