Monday, February 28, 2011

first time filer

If you listen to the unemployment reports like I do - it seems that NPR was always talking about unemployment just about the time I was on my commute home from my last job.  (As I think of it, I can hear Kai Ryssdal's voice in my head.)  They always talk about the number of jobless claims and then they say something about first time filers for unemployment benefits.  Well, I don't to pay much attention to these reports as every time I think about it I get this awful sick feeling in my stomach.  Such is the life of the unemployed, some times underemployed worker these days.   

Today, I filed for unemployment for the very first time.  So when you hear this week's job's report and they mention first time filers, you can think of me.  Here's hoping that I don't find myself in the long-term unemployed category .

1 comment:

  1. You'll find a job soon -- you are awesome and people like hiring awesome people:)