Tuesday, March 1, 2011


When I first started looking for work in DC, I was told that the first thing I should do is get my application for the DC bar in as soon as possible.  And so I started working on it.  And then I got a job and put the application on the back burner.  A few months later I found myself unemployed for a few weeks and thought about the application but never got around to it.  Again I find myself unemployed and after a few weeks, I finally open up the folder that I so neatly filed away in September.  

I start reading through the directions.  Page 1, I find neatly prepared in the folder.  Page 2, a form that I had to request from my law school, is still in the envelope but in the folder like it should be.  Page 3, also neatly prepared.  I'm thinking, hey, I'm on a roll, I'll have this sucker done in no time.  Page 4, MPRE scores (ethics test) - I panic, I have no idea where those test scores are, maybe in Utah, I check my files, nope.  I go to my computer and start googling, prepared to request a new copy - light bulb: check your emails.  I search MPRE (name of the test) and the first thing that comes up is an email from myself, subject: MPRE.  I open up the email and it says "just in case you need it" and the very form that I need is attached.  It was a surreal moment, probably the closest to time travel that I may ever experience.  I thank my past self profusely as I print out the form.  

I'm thinking, this is in the bag, well done, past self.  Until, Page 5, Certificate of Good Standing.  Uh-oh.  This I don't have and I'm pretty sure I never got this far the first time around.  I go to the Utah State Bar Association website and find a link - oh good, there's a form.  Oh good, I have to mail it in and it's going to take 5-7 business days (which means it could take up to 2 weeks with shipping time on each end) - fail!  Thanks a lot, past selfI rush off to the post office, hoping they're open til 6 - they're not.  On my walk home - light bulb: fax it in the morning.     


  1. haha! i wish i had a past self like yours! good luck with all that stuff magsie, love you!

  2. 'just love your way of expressing things