Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer viewing list

Summer is officially here and along with baseball games, snow cones and fireworks, summer is all about movies.  Generally it's all about the Blockbusters but for me, summer makes me all sorts of nostalgic for cheesy 90's movies.  And so I present to you my top five summer movies.

Drum roll please.....

1) Encino Man 

 For the summer days when you feel like giving your brain cells a break, go grab yourself a slurpee (preferably in a cup) and watch this Paulie Shore classic.

2) Joe Versus the Volcano

Tom and Meg's first movie together - it's silly, it's sweet, it's absolutely fabulous!

3) Harriet the Spy

Proof that Michelle Trachtenberg has always been awesome. 
I love this movie and it always makes me cry- being a kid is tough!

4) What about Bob?

One of the greatest and most quotable moves ever made.  If you can't make it to Lake Winnipesaukee this summer, take a vacation from your problems and watch this. 

5) Empire Records

 This movie totally takes me back to high school.

So there's my summer viewing list.  I may have to kiss and make up with Netflix (of late my laptop refuses to stream from Netflix, so I decided it was time to spend some time apart).  And if I get really ambitious, I may revisit my favorite summer movie from 1994, 

Camp Nowhere

I'm a little nervous to watch this one again as I suspect that it hasn't aged well.  
And I don't know how I'll feel if I can still quote all the lines 15 years later. 


  1. What About Bob is an all-time favorite of mine! Even though I have seen it 100 times it still makes me laugh like crazy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the input on my bedding choices!

  2. No Andrea, thank YOU for stopping by my silly lil blog.