Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's talk about Downton

Well it's happened again, my day job has negatively impacted my blog. There is simply too much to read and not enough time to read it all let alone write about it. And there's so much I want to talk about. First of all, Downton Abbey ... SPOILER ALERT!!!! ... if you haven't watched the season finalle yet I advise you to do so and come back so that we can all gab about it.

So we finally got to see the Christmas special - even though it's mid-February, I'm not complaining.

Were you surprised when Matthew proposed to Mary? I'm sure there are speed bumps ahead but I think they sort of deserve each other - if that's really possible. And will Edith end up with the old guy? He is rather handsome and rather charming in his own way - What about Patrick or the farmer? Will either of them make an appearance next season. I think Patrick will make a comeback, I've never cared so much about entails and estates in my life, thank you Downton for making that dreadful property law class feel slightly relevant.

And poor Mr. Bates, I'm glad that they were able to successfully appeal the capital sentence. I've got a feeling that they're going to find a way to prove his innocence next season, it'd just be too sad to end the show with him rotting away in jail and Anna left pinning.

So, we've covered property and estates, criminal law and procedure, contracts and family law thus far. Maybe next season they'll round it out with a some torts. Oh, the nerdery. Well, I guess I've got something to look forward to next January to chase away the winter blues.

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