Wednesday, February 8, 2012

you've got to be prepared

And I'm not talking boyscout prepared.*

I know I said that I was imposing a temporary yarn-fast but that was after I'd already ordered a bunch online. Truth is, what I lack in food storage, I make up for in yarn. I'm just hoping that in the event of a natural disaster, there will be high demand for hats and mittens so I can barter for food. And let's be honest, I'm not the type to survive a zombie apocalypse or any other type of apocalypse for that matter. Though, I have been wondering if the NRA should think about funneling some of their support into the zombie movie industry because I've never been inclined to buy a gun but after a good zombie movie, I feel a little naked.

So I bought enough for a sweater, but I haven't settled on a pattern yet. So many options, I just can't decide. And would you believe that there isn't a pair of size 8 needles to be found at my house? For the love! I guess I'm not as prepared as I thought I was - this is seriously impeding my swatching ability.

*Oh, Captain Ron, I'll take you to Disney World anytime.

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