Monday, February 1, 2010

my inner competitor

I went to a roller derby on Saturday night and I think I'm hooked. This may be the most exciting sport that I have ever watched. Sports just aren't my thing - I like baseball which some people say isn't even a sport. I'm okay with that, all I know is I love watching the Sox play at Fenway. I've been to quite a few hockey games since I moved up her to Fairbanks and they're pretty fun but so far I've been rather disappointed because I haven't seen a fight yet.

Roller Derby sorta blew my mind - it was so exciting. I pretty much cheered my guts out. The whole time I kept thinking, I wish I were that kind of girl. I wish I were hardcore, ruthless, tough.... Sadly I am not that kind of girl. I am uncoordinated, I don't like getting hurt and I don't know if I could ever knock anyone over. I had a pair of roller skates when I was probably about 10 - I loved them but even then I was no good at skating. I somehow doubt that I have improved much in the past 20 years. 

I was reminded of my competitive side earlier this week.  I was at a church activity at which there was a cake decorating contest. Our teams challenge was to make a "Daniel and the Lions Den" cake - I was ruthless. Out of nowhere I took charge and ordered my team around. I sort of realized how bossy I was being and tried really hard to tune back a bit so as to avoid being a total jerk. In the end it was a team effort and my team definitely made a lot of great contributions but I surprised myself with my own competitiveness.  Btw, we totally won! - who saw that coming? well I did of coarse. Don't mess with this cake decorator!

Last night I stayed up way too late watching "Whip it" with my roommate. It's a movie about roller derby (like I said, I'm kind of obsessed) and I can't stop wishing I was that kind of girl. For now I think maybe I'll focus my hardcore competitive nature on confections and maybe weaving.

(more about weaving later.)


  1. YEEEAAAAY another entry from my favorite blogger.. I love this .. You could be the Erma Bombeck of the 21st century. do you know who Erma Bombeck is??? Anyway ..'fun to hear there is one more way to 'wile away the hours(dark hours)' in fairbanks.

  2. Your posts are an enjoyment! Weaving and confections always provoke my competitve side too!?!

  3. yes maggie! i have heard great things about roller derbys and mally and i have been dieing to see whip it so i am jealous to say the least. and i am thinking that those AK derby girls have got to be at least 7X as rough as regular derby girls.
    also, i think you should post a picture of that lion's den cake! I am trying to think of what brings out my competitive side... maybe crocheting for me, lately jill has been getting pretty good and i am not too excited about loosing my rep as best crocheter on the block. at least i like to think i have that reputation.

  4. Yes AK girls are tough, however, they lost to the Vancouver Faster Pussycats. Yes you should most definitely see Whip It. One of the characters in named Maggie Mayhem - I wonder if I could get people to start calling me that.............