Friday, September 24, 2010

All's well that ends well

Day 2 of fall and I'm getting the distinct impression that it is fact getting hotter and not cooler here in Virginia.  I know I've migrated significantly southward but I sort of thought that I'd still be in the Northern hemisphere, where, you know, we all are supposed to be getting ready for winter.  So yes, it's hot here and it's made me a tidge cranky.

But things aren't all bad here.  Earlier in this week I was fortunate enough to join my friend Kellee, who just happened to have an extra ticket, to see the Shakespeare Theatre Company's, All's Well That Ends Well (AWTEW).  I'm pretty sure, that she told me we were going to see Much Ado About Nothing, one of my all time favorites (right up there with King Lear and A Mid-Summer Night's Dream).  So I was a little confused when on our way to the theater I kept seeing posters for AWTEW.  However, I was not disappointed with the performance.  It was really well done.  And not all that familiar with AWTEW, I quite enthralled trying to figure out how it was all going to work out.  Though I think the audience was in the general opinion of, "What exactly does Helena see in this dude Bertram?"   

The theme of the play is, as you might be able to guess, is: all's well that ends well.  And it has lead me to wonder... is that really true? In the end, is all that matters is the results? Does process only serve the end?  At the end of the day (or maybe I should say, play), I don't know whether to happy for Helena that she successfully tricked her beloved into having her or appalled by self-serving manipulation of the jerk that she allowed herself to fall in love with.  

Alas, tis but a silly story.  And all this typing has made me seriously thirsty - gonna go get me a super-big gulp before I pass out from exhaustion.       

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  1. I am having trouble posting on your blog.. I am trying again.. I hope you get these comment s this time..
    MAggie, i remember all to well that September is a SUMMER MONTH in Northern Virginia