Monday, November 1, 2010

all in a day

And oh what a Monday it was.  It all started out with the snooze button.  I pushed it 5 times this morning, which meant that I started the day and hour behind schedule.  And when I finally got to work, all the free parking spots were taken.  So, I parked in 2 hour parking - intending to come back in a couple hours and move my car - and promptly forgot.  4 hours later, I suddenly remembered my poor car which at this point had a giant parking ticket tucked under its wiper.  I moved it anyway and knowing that I fully deserved the ticket made my way back to work.  But, not so quick, on my walk back I was stopped by an old man - probably drunk and possibly homeless - who proceeded to tell me how beautiful I was and that I should take that as a real compliment coming from a black man.  Then he showed me the dimes that he had just found on the sidewalk and said that I had made his day.  He was a real charmer and It took some finagling but I finally managed to let him down easy and get back to work.  

Later at work, I found out that the internship that I had been all but promised at EPA is a no go.  Back at home, I'm feeling all uneasy and anxious-like - maybe I'll self medicate with some chocolate fro-yo. 


  1. The homeless people in DC are the best...
    No bad about the internship... does that mean you are coming for Thanksgiving... I have a ticket for you... my treat!!!

  2. magsie, what an honor to be complemented by a black man! i had the same honor a couple of weeks ago when i was putting oil in the truck at 7 eleven. a man started talking to me, i told him my name was jessica, which was kind of exciting. but then i got in my car and he gave me a hug through my window that couldn't have been opened more than 4 inches, squishing my face against the window. jill was with me so it was mostly funny but that was after the dry heaving from the smell of his breath and the much to intimate farewell.
    lil' sis'