Tuesday, November 2, 2010

life lessons

I am recovering nicely from yesterday's funk and was reminded of a couple of things:  

1) Chocolate makes everything better - everything but bacon, it doesn't need any help.  

2) When you do good things, good things happen.  

Tonight I went to institute*.  It wasn't all that convenient and I considered skipping it, but I went anyway.  The lesson was good.  And afterward, I talked with a friend who, in the course of our conversation, helped me find the passion, direction and hope that I had misplaced somewhere along my job hunt.  It was just what I needed.

* Institute is a bible study class, of sorts.  It's a program within the LDS church for young adults to study the Bible and other scripture.


  1. Chocolate does make everything better -- I hope you find a job that you love and that will love you! Oh and you should listen to the old man - you are beautiful cuz!

  2. Yea for you... and you are right chocolate and bacon... yum yum... BUT of course not together