Thursday, March 24, 2011

cranky baby

So, I went back to work this week after a bout of unemployment and I have come to a conclusion.  Work is the pits, well this work is anyway.  I have been such a cranky baby the past two days, that I make myself laugh at my own ridiculousness.

Today, I got my new Virginia drivers license in the mail and the horrible picture nearly drove me into a tizzy.  I look like an oily, sleep deprived psychopath.  But then again, maybe it's the crankiness talking.  My roommate tried to make me feel better by telling me that it looks film noir - essentially an artsy spin on a creepy black and white photo, but thanks for trying.  

Sadly, I look more like the driver in my photo than his lovely passenger.
It's a stupid thing to care so much about, but I really liked my old picture and like I said, I've been a bit of a cranky baby lately.  Thankfully, though my cupboards are bare, I found a chocolate stash in the freezer that I'd almost forgot about and soothed my nerves with a little molten lava cake.  Once again, chocolate came to my rescue. Nom, nom, nom, I feel much better equipped to cope with the petty trials of life again.    


  1. I have also been suffering from the cranks lately. here's to a change of heart. The cup is half full... and not of poison! (Quote challenge... What movie does that great line come from?) Love ya!

  2. Years ago when John was a major I had the BEST Military photo id... it was one of the best picture ever of me... I was sooo sad when he made LT Col that they would not let me keep it.... Now my retired id is about to expire and I can't stand the thought of a new pic.. as the one I have now is not great but not to bad.... My NH driver's license in the WORST!!! I do not look like that.

  3. don't worry about the license, I think VA is requiring everyone to get pictures taken where they look cranky, afterall, when asked, "License and registration please" you are likely to look more like what they require of pics now and less happy and smiley, that way the office can recognize you better :)