Thursday, September 3, 2009


The courthouse is in the middle of downtown Fairbanks - which this time of year is still a healthy tourist trap. It's a little unnerving at times to pass through crowds of elderly people wearing matching windbreakers and fanny packs. Today I went to the Fudge Pot for lunch. At the Fudge Pot you get a free stuffed bear when you buy $20 of fudge - but it is also the closest place to buy a sandwich. The Fudge Pot was full of tourists today so I got my sandwich to go and wandered over to the park to eat in the sunshine. And that's how I discovered them.

One of the perks of working a tourist trap is the puppies. Next to the park is "Yukon Quest", a cabin with a sod roof that is dedicated to a dog sled race here in Fairbanks. Today as I was enjoying my lunch in the beautifully warm sunshine, I noticed them - the puppies that is. Around the back of Yukon Adventure is a dog run full of Alaskan Husky puppies. They are adorable. When my camera gets here I will take lots of pictures and maybe a movie.

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