Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trip to Anchorage

A couple of weekends ago I took a road trip down to Anchorage.  On Friday, after work I rushed home to pack up a few things, picked a couple of my new friends and we were off by about 6.  It's a 361 miles from fairbanks so with a few stops along the way, we got to anchorage shortly after midnight. 

Saturday we went to the Temple in Anchorage and in the afternoon we went to see Lion King.  The traveling show came to Alaska and it was AMAZING - seriously I was impressed.  I had heard that it was good but I wasn't all that excited to go.  I don't usually go to shows except when I'm in New York or London, no reason really - just never get arround to it.  But I've decided that's just stupid.  It was totally worth it.  If you ever get I chance, go! 

After the show we piled back into my little car and started back to Fairbanks.  We stopped in Wassilla for dinner where we did not see the Palins - real disapointment.  And after a couple more stops we made it back arround 1:30 am.

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