Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Visitors welcome!

I've moved into a surprisingly roomy house and I have it all to myself until my roommates move in next month. So I've decided to issue a special limited time offer to my readers.

--Special Limited-time Offer--

Come and enjoy the fleeting autumn in Alaska's interior!

To anyone* who comes to visit me in the month of September**, I am offering free lodging in a private room. Complementary airport shuttle.

*subject to certain limitations of number (only 2 rooms available) and relation (friends and family only) - contact me here for more information.
**free lodging will be available after September but private room offer is will expire at the end of the month and accommodations will be limited to couches, futon and floor.


  1. Aaaahh!! Can I beg for a spot on the floor later in the year? I'm definitely living vicariously through you... DC doesn't hold a candle to the gorgeousness of Alaska, I'm certain of it. Can you see the Northern Lights? If so, when???

    Have fun up there!! Keep writing!


  2. MaryAnn - How bout, you can live vicariously through me if I can live vicariously through you? I already have a couch reserved for you, just let me know when to expect you.

    No, I haven't seen the nothern lights or Russia yet but I am still holding out for a clear day.