Friday, August 26, 2011

summer project

I've been living in this house since October and as I think I'm going to be here for a while 
and as the landlord is beyond negligent, I decided to spruce up my room. 
I painted the walls a lovely shade of robin's egg blue 
and recently started adding some furniture. 
I had been using some hand-me-downs that had been laying around the house 
and while I was grateful for them, I was itching for a upgrade. 
I bought a new mattress and this bed from Ikea. 
The cartoon instructions implied that it was a two man job but I did just fine all on my own. 
And oh how grand it feels to spread out on my new bed.

(still not sure about those two paintings - definitely need some tweaking)

My room is sort of half way done at this point. And this is the half done. 
My goal for the weekend is to assemble some shelves, get rid of the old desk and organize my sundry possessions and piles of crap.

And then, I'm still on the look out for some bedding 
- you know, something fabulous to tie it all together.


  1. It looks great! Now I want to paint my room and get a new bedspread!

  2. mags it looks great! and i am so happy to see the holga on display. so cute.