Friday, August 12, 2011

you make me feel like dancing

I think that I've made my obsession for SYTYCD pretty clear here, here and here. Well, last night was the season finale and if you're only going to watch a single episode from a season, this'd be the one to watch. They bring back all the best dances from the season and a number of the guest judges came back to. (I love you Jesse Tyler Furguson!)

It came as no surprise the lovely and talented Melanie won. She proved herself week after week - and I just love her style, grace and strength. So, in honor of a great season I present to you my very favorite dance: Total Eclipse of the Heart, danced by Melanie and Neil, choreographed by one of my faves, Mandy Moore. (BTW, I don't really remember this Neil kid but, Hello, I'll never forget him after this.)

This dance just melts my cold jaded heart. It makes me want to fall in love

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  1. one of my favorites too. Nick and I are big fans of this amazing show. Mostly because I can't dance, but I LOVE to watch others dance. I would've been happy with either Melanie or Sasha. I feel Sasha really pushed herself also. But clearly after last night's show and all the favorite dances being brought back, Melanie was the winner before she was even announced. She is amazing. Everytime I watch this dance I still get goose-bumps and choked UP. LOVE IT!!!!!