Thursday, February 4, 2010

birthday season

I've always liked Groundhogs Day - it's so unabashedly pagan, what's not to love. But what I like best about Groundhogs Day is that it marks exactly 1 month from my birthday and because February is a freakish 28 days, that means it's 4 weeks to the day. I like to think that Groundhogs Day is to my birthday, what Thanksgiving is to Christmas - once it's over, it's time to start planning for the next holiday.  

Back when I was planning on moving to Fairbanks, I fretted about the idea of turning 30 alone in the frigid cold. In response to my fear, I planned on taking a trip to Hawaii for my birthday and spending it on the beach.  Unfortunately, I used up too much vacation time on my trip home for Christmas that I can't take the time off.  Also, my pesky student loans finally went into repayment and I am feeling the sting. So my grand birthday plans have been postponed until I can save up some more vacation days and I can get my loans consolidated.

I'm not so worried about spending my 30th here in Fairbanks anymore. It might even be fun, while it will most certainly be some degree of frigid outside, it won't be lonely.


  1. What a fun thing to have connected to your birthday, did you know the Ropers actually celebrate the day, they watch Ground Hog day ... I don't remember what else they do, I will have to ask Kathy...So for now I guess you are saying "freeze now, fry later"

  2. Hey! We share a Birth-Week! And don't worry, the day I was born the temp in Fairbanks was 50*... ABOVE zero! (It still holds the record. haha) BUT, it could warm up for your special Birthday! ;)

  3. Maggie - thanks so much for your comment on my hat pattern. be 30 again! Enjoy your life in Fairbanks and treat every day as an adventure up there!

  4. Sister! I want to be the first to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I know we still have a few weeks but I wanted to be FIRST. plus its never to early right? or late for that mater.
    well Love you!

  5. Have you found any connections to the groundhogs prediction and the quality of the birthday that year? Does it concern or excite you that we have 6 more weeks of winter?

  6. well Ash, it's sort of irrelevant as either way we have like 12 more weeks of winter. I'm not even going to wish for spring in mid-march cuz that'd just be crazy talk.