Thursday, February 11, 2010

is it the cold or the darkness?

Here in Fairbanks, people will tell you that it isn't so much the cold that makes it miserable but the darkness.  I respectfully disagree.  It's both.  Now that January is in the past, and it has gotten a smidge warmer and as of today, we have 8+ hours of daylight, I'd like to take a moment to bash on January.  (Sorry January, you got a RAW deal but at least you're popular down under.)

January was plain awful (you can say that again*).  January was plain awful for 2 obvious reasons: 1) the days were miserably short, which means it was dark A LOT and 2) those fleeting moments of glorious sunlight were tainted by the bitter cold, making it impossible to enjoy the dazzling sunshine when it made a rare appearance.

Now that we are well into February, it has indeed gotten lighter AND warmer - such is my joy.  This is the 3rd day in a row that we have been in the positives and I can confirm that positive numbers are aptly named, as they are indeed positive.

To celebrate this recent improvement, I think I'll go for a walk at lunch and RELISH the return of positive numbers and sunshine.

* did you catch that Annie reference? - together at last, together forever, we're tying a knot, that no one can sever..... (now I'm just getting carried away)


  1. I got the Annie Ref. :) I'm glad you're enjoying February! I PROMISE it only gets better! Just wait til June! You'll LOVE it!

  2. What more can I say??? I love your blog