Monday, April 19, 2010

day 2

On my second day of vacation I went snorkeling here. 

Hanauma Bay  - it's a bay that formed in a volcanic crater.  It was insanely crowded but we saw some really cool fishes.  The coral creates a sort of maze and at times I got totally trapped between fellow snorkelers and the coral - but it was cool and fish didn't seem to mind all the crazy people bumping into everything and gawking at them, I guess they're used to it.  Also it started raining while we were snorkeling - cool sensation to have water falling on your back while your face is submerged in the ocean.  

After snorkeling we drove around to the windward side of the island and saw some really impressive views.  

I don't think the pictures really capture it that well but it was absolutely beautiful. 

While we were still in our swim suits we headed over to Waikiki for some sunbathing and people watching.  After dinner and a disappointing experience at the International Marketplace (not my kind of retail therapy) we turned in early - the sun and water had worn me out.

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