Wednesday, April 6, 2011

hello, Spring!

It happens every year, the days get longer, the weather become unpredictable and everything starts blooming and leafing out.  Oh, how I do LOVE spring!  And spring in DC is to die for - it comes early and it goes all out.  We are smack dab in the thick of it here.  The cherry blossoms have already peaked, there are daffodils bobbing their heads all over the place and I'm anxiously awaiting the fabulous dogwoods.  Have I mentioned that daffodils are my absolute fave - well, they are and while I can't quite decide if I could every really love the white ones as much as the traditional yellow, they all make me sorta melt and cause my heart sing!

With the all this botanical action going on, I find myself putting aside my knitting and thinking about gardening.  I've never really had much luck with gardening, despite the unparalleled example of my talented mother.  But it's a skill that I would really like to work on so I'm going to try my hand at a small vegetable garden this year.  After last year's failures, I'm not too optimistic, but I'm aiming small - 9 square feet to be exact.  And maybe just maybe, I'll grow something edible this year. 

I just ordered this raised bed kit from the Gardner's Supply Company, and I'm oh so excited for it to get here so I can start planting. 


  1. That's totally awesome! I just love to eat food I have planted, cultivated, and harvested. It just tastes THAT much better! Good luck with your experiment. This year I'm hoping to make myself some "tire" raised garden beds. My plan is to aquire some old tires place them in my designated garden area, fill them with dirt and plant away. It's so fun to plan and prepare. Almost as much fun as it is to play in the dirt! Oh I'm ready!

  2. Good Luck... this is another thing i say I am going to try and all it talk talk talk, plus the deer would probably eat it all anyway