Saturday, April 2, 2011

we've come a long way, baby

Did anyone notice what I did this morning?  

I was balling a skein of yarn while watching the morning session of conference and happened to look up during Sister Stevens' talk.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  When I realized what I was seeing, I was practically giddy.  Was anyone else pleasantly surprised to see a sister speaking in General Conference without a jacket?  It's silly, I know, but for years I have been ridiculously bothered by the trend/policy that women always wear jackets to speak in GC.  It's just so corporate and not all that feminine.  While some sisters pull it off quite well, some of them just don't.  I am happy to see this change.  It's not a big thing really, but look how gracious and elegant she looks.  Well done, Sister Stevens, you look lovely and gave an excellent talk to boot.  

I know what your thinking, of all the things to blog about.  To that I say, I can listen and untangle yarn very well, thank you.  And I learned a lot from the talks given today.  It was a most thought provoking and inspiring day of conference.  Maybe I'll elaborate a bit later when I've had a chance to process it all.   


  1. I totally noticed! However, I did like what Sister Allred was wearing today.

  2. I always thought how, if I was ever to grace the GC scene, I would rebel and do away with the blazer look.....I guess I don't have to worry anymore :) I totally noticed too!

  3. Me tooo. and I am with you Maggie that she looked lovely.