Tuesday, April 5, 2011

showing off

Indulge me with another round of Show and Tell.  Months ago, I posted some pictures of a dress that I was working on for my niece. here.
Well, that got frogged (taken apart/unraveled, for those of you unschooled in knitting lingo) because it was looking much too huge for a baby that wasn't even born yet and I feared the skirt was all wrong.  
But using that same yarn and adapting the pattern a bit, I came up with this:
A dress/tunic much more fitting for a tiny baby.  
And a tiny baby, she has turned out to be.
I finished it just in time for my visit and when I left, I wondered if she'd ever grow big enough to fit into what I had thought was a very tiny dress.  But, her mother has informed me that she has worn it and I'm awaiting pictures.  
Until then, I'll indulge you with some close ups.

Close-ups of the dress that is, I hope you weren't expecting more pictures of the baby.

I found this button in my Mom's sewing box and I love it so much.
I think that it probably came from my Grandma's button collection.


  1. You nailed it! So beautiful. You really have such a remarkable talent.

  2. Magsie, Sofie has indeed worn the dress and it looks great!