Thursday, November 17, 2011

And there better be fresh flowers!

I called home on Sunday to get the scoop for Thanksgiving. It's been so many years since I spent a Thanksgiving at home that I'm getting really excited. And well, I wanted to make sure that this Thanksgiving was going to be up to snuff. Specifically, I was worried about the turkeys. Yep, turkeys, plural. See, in my family, one is not enough. We need two. Because my uncle makes this amazing smoked turkey and we all love it so, but we also love gravy. And there's no way to make gravy from a smoked turkey, hence the roasted one. Which is great for me because I love 'em both.

And the better be two turkeys!*

*A little homage to my Padre's favorite movie, The Man Who Knew to Little. Because, my family doesn't really know how to communicate except through the quotation of our favorite movies.

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