Monday, December 19, 2011

don't we all work better on a deadline?

Before I left work on Friday, I announced to my coworker through the walls of my cube,

"I'm done with this!"

"With what? this job?"

"No, this cold. I'm giving it the weekend, but by Monday, it better be gone."

And I did. I confess that there are some lingering symptoms. I'm still a little stuffy and my voice is only at 50% (but that has more to do with my karaoke marathon Saturday night and my total disregard for proper singing techniques - it's all about the performance, you know). But I'm on the mend, no longer strung out on decongestants, no longer worrying about whether or not I can get another box of pseudoephedrine without being suspected of running a meth lab. No more sneezing, no more watery eyes, no more sudden chills. I feel good!

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