Monday, January 31, 2011

I never knit anything just once

We've had a fair bit of downtime at work lately - which means I'm likely to rejoin the ranks of the unemployed again in the near future.  But despite the associated anxiety, this downtime has afforded me lots of quality knitting time.  

I'm working on this most adorable dress for my niece.  Did I mention that I became an Aunt over the weekend?  I'm pretty psyched about it - both the baby and the dress, but mostly the baby. 

So after a week of knitting, the dress is almost finished and I am oh so tempted to frog the whole thing and start over.  It's just that I think that I gauged the gauge wrong and I wish I had made the smaller size, and I sort of goofed early on and never fixed it because I thought it might be a happy accident, and now I'm not so sure.  I am reminded of how much I dislike knitting sweaters - you knit and you knit, row upon row and you're almost done before any real shaping takes place and it's not til you're done that you know what you're getting.  Alas, I never knit anything just once, why should this be any exception.  

My co-worker asked about what I was making the other day, and after watching me knit for a few hours said, "I think that I'd just buy something." To which I replied, "Yeah." 

I don't expect him to understand my brand of crazy, I hardly understand it myself.


  1. mags,
    that looks like it is going to be so cute! you are amazing! did i mention that i got your mittens in the mail. oh yeah, i believe i did last post, but they are so darling they deserve re-mentioning. k, well can't wait to see you and neither can sofie, she told me.
    love you!

  2. p.s. do i spy a baby pink shag rug? i'm obsessed!

  3. Yes, I love/hate my shag rug. It's really white, just photographs pink sometimes. It's oh so lovely and feels great under my toes, I'm just not so crazy about the shedding. It's worse than a pet. I find white fuzzies on EVERYTHING! But, I've wanted one for years and It still makes me smile - even when I'm cursing it.