Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 in review

2010 wasn't really a year of milestones but I certainly covered a lot of miles.  I visited 22 states and 1 district, in order: 

California  (New Year's with the Fam)
Nevada (passing through)
Arizona (passing through)
Utah (January, August and December)
Alaska (January - August)
Hawaii (birthday trip)
Colorado (On my way to DC, stopped in Fruita and Denver, visited friends Gina and Mike and their respective families)
Kansas (visited Cousin Kristie and her family)
Missouri (visited friend Sara in St. Louis)
Illinois (passing through)
Kentucky (passing through, stopped in Padukah) 
Tennessee (visited friend Chantel in Nashville and drove through the Smokey Mountains)
North Carolina (passing through) 
Virginia (my new home) 
DC (where I work and play) 
Maryland (now and then) 
Delaware (Punkin Chunkin) 
Massachusetts (passing through) 
New Hampshire (Thanksgiving with the Westwoods) 
Connecticut (passing through) 
New york (passing through) 
New Jersey (passing through) 
Pennsylvania (passing through)

I think that it was a pretty good year, if I do say so myself.  


  1. impressive, mags! you are really going places-literally hehe. can't wait for you to come back to UT for a visit!

  2. Dang! That is a lengthy list! I can't believe you never stopped in Seattle! Kinda funny cause that's like the main hub out of AK! Very cool though!

  3. Krystal, you know I can't honestly remember if I had a layover in Seattle in 2010. But this list doesn't include layovers, I actually drove through or around each. I amazed myself a bit - even considered driving to West Virginia on New Year's Eve, just to add one more.