Saturday, January 29, 2011

A year or so ago, I bought 2 skeins of this:


I just couldn't help myself - I mean, it's GORGEOUS! And I was sure that I could find something to do with it.  Well, sometimes love just isn't enough.  And gorgeous yarn without a pattern is just a lovely skein in my stash. 

Thankfully, through the wonders of Ravelry, I found this pattern.  And turned one of these lovely skeins into a beautiful scarf for my Mom.  (Yes, this is in fact another story about unfinished Christmas gifts.)

I lament that scarfs are so difficult to photograph, because try as I might, my pictures just don't give it justice. 

I put this in the mail this week, along with Abbey's mittens.  And with that I officially succeeded in accomplishing one of my New Year's resolutions before the end of January.


  1. Maggie, that is GORGEOUS!! Your mom is quite the lucky woman ... and congratulations, new Auntie!!

  2. Amazing yet again! I'd like to request a special knitting/crocheting session with you in March (that's when I'm done with classes). I'm serious. Your mum will treasure such a lovely, albeit late, gift :)

  3. Anne - thanks so much

    Kim - Absolutely, I'd love to teach you.

  4. and its just as lovely in person. so are my mittens, they are darling and so warm. every since i found the nail polish you gave me, i feel like i have been telling every one what a great gift giver you are and now that i have the mittens, it is sure to continue. love you!

  5. Abs - I'm glad that you like them. Sorry it took me so long to get them to you.