Saturday, January 8, 2011

warm woollen mittens

Abbey Dearest, your mittens are ready.
I did something really tacky this last Christmas.  I gave my Mom and my sister unfinished gifts.  (Apparently, this is something my Grandma was famous for, so maybe it's genetic or at the very least, it's comforting to know that I am in such good company.) 

 These lovely mittens were placed in a box and wrapped with the knitting needles still in them and nary a thumb on Christmas Eve.  And I took them right back as soon as they were opened for finishing. 

I think that I was a little over ambitious to think that I could possibly finish them for Christmas, with all their lovely little cables.  I bought the yarn (wish I remembered the name of it, I love it so) on sale a week before Christmas with no idea of what I'd do with it.  I loved the pinky-red color and fell even deeper in love with it when I started to knit it - it's fabulous! And the pattern was really fun, though I altered it a bit (I just can't leave anything alone).  The pattern can be found here and here. 

Two of my new years resolutions this year were to finish my Christmas presents and take more pictures, and it looks as though I'm off to a good start.


  1. Oh Maggie, I LOVE those! I'm so impressed with your creativity and putting your personal spin on things. Those are lovely and I'm sure will be well loved by the recipient.

    BTW, Joe and I were in New Hampshire this past week and I'm pretty sure we drove by your law school in Vermont.

  2. Very, very, nice! Just to let you know, you're not alone. We gave a present to my in-laws and had to take it back so I could finish it.