Thursday, January 13, 2011

superglue to the rescue

Yesterday my glasses broke.  Well, actually, they just came unscrewed but try as I might I fiddled and turned and twisted that screw and that screw just wouldn't hold.  My co-worker assured me that I could tape them together with masking tape, but just to be clear, I'd look like a moron.  Not wanting to look like a moron, I decided against taping them and today, I made due with my broken glasses, carefully balancing them on my nose by positioning my head just so or holding them onto my face.  While I may not have looked moronic, it was certainly ridiculous.  

So tonight, armed with an eyeglass repair kit and superglue, I glued that silly little screw in place.   Ahhh, sweet relief to my aching eyes, my glasses are back in working order.

And so I add another item to the list of things I've fixed with superglue:

broken fingernail
cut finger
computer (that was actually quite recently and may have something to do with why my computer won't work worth beans these days)
and glasses

Isn't superglue the best?


  1. Works great for jewlery too-I have this pearl necklace where the pearls are suspended and floating on different parts of three seperate chains, but the glue they came with didn't hold, so I've been using clear nailpolish, but that doesn't work very long either, so now I have super glue. If that doesn't work, there is no hope.

  2. That's funny - I hate having anything go wrong with my glasses -- My husband thinks I am a freak --but something about not seeing and having a horrible headache --

  3. Yeah, I should really take better care of my glasses - being as dependent as I am upon them. The headaches are unbearable.