Monday, January 17, 2011

hibernation mode

Even though January here in Virginia is almost laughably mild, it's still rather drear.   And the past week I have found myself not wanting to do anything but snuggle up with a blanket.  I have at times come dangerously close to going into full snuggie mode.  My roommates have a couple of snuggies in the tv room and while I have used them as a blanket, I REFUSE to put my arms in the sleeves.  

But I've so much to look forward to, that I'm embracing hibernation mode. 

A month from now, I'm taking a trip home to snuggle with my new niece who is expected shortly.  My sister Ashley is expecting a baby at the end of this month and the whole family is so excited to meet this little one.

And another month from then, my parents are coming to visit me here in DC.  I'm so excited for visitors, I've already started planning all the awesome stuff we'll do and all the fabulous places we'll eat.

So, if you find yourself in hibernation mode, might a suggest a FABULOUS new miniseries on MasterpieceDownton Abbey.  You can watch it online here.  And if you're lucky you can catch it on your local PBS station

I'm hooked.  And if you love period dramas, like I love period dramas, I think you'll really like it too.


  1. mags,
    i am going to choose to think that that show is about my adventures in the big city. it could be pretty good, i think.
    downtown abbey

    p.s. found the nail polish in my sock monkey kit! my nails never looked so good thanks to you, milani, and a little swedish inspiration (but mostly you)

  2. Abbey - I would absolutely watch that show, and blog about it too. And I'm expecting a Dala Horse pedicure when I come to visit in a few weeks - so keep practicing.