Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"with pleasure"

Last Friday night I met up with some friends to see the Artist, which sort of stole the show two days later at the Golden Globes. It's a black and white silent film - I know, artsy. And I'll be honest there were a few moments in the middle when I got a bit frigidity and my internal dialog went something like, "this is RIDICULOUS, just gimme some dialog already!" but then I took a deep breath told myself to hold it together and kept watching. I am unaccustomed to watching a movie so closely (i.e. devoting so much visual attention to the screen). Honestly, I don't watch many movies these days and when I do, it's usually at home on the telly while knitting. The Artist is NOT a good knitting movie but it was really interesting and refreshing. One of my favorite perfomances was John Goodman. He's just so lovable and it was fun to see him in something so out of the norm.

And Berenice Bejo was absolutely delightful - loved her costumes!

Finally, I should just mention that the music was beautiful. So if you're feeling ambitious or aspire to some culture, go see it. It's really one of those movies that you have to see in the theater.


  1. Watching the Golden Globes was the first time I heard about this movie and I instantly knew it'd make it on my list. Glad you enjoyed it. I heard the pup was great too!

    1. Oh yes, the dog is adorable. It almost redeemed Jack-Russels for me but then I remembered that in real life the barking isn't so silent. Still, he's a remarkable little pup and I'm glad to see that he made it to the Golden Globes to receive the award.