Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 is dead

Happy New Year!

Well, I successfully brought in the new year with family* and friends. And because my friends are fancy we even had a ball drop and celebratory toast at midnight.

My ward starts meeting at 3 today and there has been a lot of whining about this. And while I agree that it may take an adjustment, I'm looking forward to a year full of lazy Sunday mornings, a good excuse to stay in my p.j.s till noon and perhaps the occasional brunch.

But do you know what I'm dreading? I'm dreading the inevitable congressional hymn, Ring Out Wild Bells. Don't let that name fool you with it's celebratory and joyous implications, it's the worst hymn in the book. Worst because, it's depressing. I can get behind In Our Lovely Deseret because at least it's laughably bad. But why must we sing this each year?

The year is dying
In the night
Ring out wild bells
and let him die

Wow Lord Tennyson, talk about a buzz kill. 

*My little sister just moved to the area it's really fun to have her around.


  1. we sang that hymn yesterday, and I totally agree with you. The pitch is weird, the words are depressing, and I see bells when we sing, but it's more like a slow death march with random bells on people. Dreary... hopefully, no repeats this year!

  2. Yeah, the more I think about it, it's music that really kills it. Anyway, I'd advocate removing it from the hymn book all together as it's completely lacking in any sort of gospel message and it's passing reference to Christ hardly qualifies it as 'a prayer unto God'.

  3. haha! i am with you, definitely a buzz kill. and i loved going to that fancy party with you! you have been way too good to me out here, and my roommates too!