Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yes; the usual palm tree*

It's not that I particularly mind winter, on the contrary, I think that snow is lovely and there is something truly fascinating about the colors of a winter landscape. When the lush green leaves are gone, all sorts of interesting hues pop out against the grey, it's absolutely beautiful. And why is it that the stars are so much brighter in the winter? Is it the longer nights? Is it the cold? - they continually take my frosty breath away.

And yet, though it is still January, I can't help thinking about spring. I've been getting gardening catalogs in the mail and I find myself lingering over the pages upon pages of tomatoes - beefsteaks and slicers and heirlooms and saladettes. Two weekends in a row, I've found myself in house plant section at the Home Depot - if I can't be planting in my yard, house plants it is. I've added 5 to my collection.

Now, all I need is a conservatory. 

* An excerpt from Act IV of An Ideal Husband:

MABEL CHILTERN. [Aside to LORD GORING.] I shall be in the conservatory under the second palm tree on the left.
LORD GORING. Second on the left?
MABEL CHILTERN. [With a look of mock surprise.] Yes; the usual palm tree.

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