Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fall viewing guide

One of the best things about fall is all the new shows on tv. Yes, I watch a lot of tv. But guess what? I'm not ashamed. All you out there that are too busy or simply too good for tv, well, I won't tell you that you're missing out but I ask you, how many mittens did you knit last year? Knitting and tv go together like movies and popcorn, but the end product is prettier and doesn't get your hands all greasy.

As an avid tv fan, I've been pretty jazzed about the return of some of my old faves: Grey's Anatomy (holy 2 hour season opener!), Modern Family (oh, so funny), Parenthood (incredibly good drama while staying real), Fringe* (Is a world without Peter Bishop a world worth living in? over-dramatic? me? have you seen that stubbly chin?)... I'll stop there - gosh, there is some great tv out there!

Today I want to talk about Parks and Recreation. It's quirky, it's funny and it's highly unappreciated. Maybe it's because it started out a bit weak. And maybe it's just not you're kind of funny but if you haven't seen it, I advise that you start with one of the classics. May I suggest, Flu Season (season 3), or the Hunting Trip (season 2). Skip season 1 and come back to it later once you're hooked - it's funnier that way, I promise.

Here's a clip from the Hunting Trip. I'll set it up a bit. Amy Poehler's character, Leslie, talked her way into the guy's annual hunting trip. And on the trip someone accidentally gets shot in the head (it's just bird shot so nothing too serious). Leslie, takes the fall for it even though she didn't do it. She's an experienced hunter and knows what she's doing and when the park ranger starts asking her what happens she has to lie. Let's take a look:**

Pretty funny, right?

As for new shows, there are a bunch of new shows that have just come out and to be honest, it's an underwhelming lot. The lone exception, Prime Suspect. The trailer was totally engrossing - I'll be following this one. (It's on hulu.com and nbc.com.)

So there you have it, my fall viewing guide.

* I'm seriously peeved that I missed the season premier and fox won't let me watch it online yet - so please, no spoilers!

** Totally channeling my inner talk show host, how'd I do?


  1. I love Modern Family, so funny!

  2. We have similar tastes in shows. We love Parks and The Office. Surprisingly, with Steve Carell gone, it was still funny. We like Raising Hope on Fox. Funny stuff. Modern Family:) We tried to get my dad to watch that, and he just couldn't do it. I think that makes it funnier!!!! We love fall tv too!

  3. Yes, Modern Family is totally funny! I'm so glad that Lily has started talking.

    And the office was surprisingly good last week, we'll see if they can keep it up. It's gotten a little weak in the recent seasons.