Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the high life

Last week my parents came to town and we had a grand ole time. My Dad was here for a conference and they put them up in the fanciest room in the smanciest hotel. How fancy? you ask, you can check it out here. And here's a fuzzy picture of the view from their window. That's the Washington Memorial there and in front of it, that'd be the White House.

Here's a clearer picture (I used the window sill as a tripod and my timer here). Do you see that window there? Best I can tell, the first family was unwinding with a little television after a long day. I've never wanted a pair of binoculars more in my life. We were at least a block away and all we could make out was the flicker of a television/monitor. But I'm pretty sure the secret service followed me home that night after all my stealthy photography.

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  1. I need to come visit you and DC -- it's been way to long -- however, I doubt I'll be affording that hotel anytime soon!