Friday, September 16, 2011

welcoming fall

Don't you just love fall? It's one of my favorite seasons and I love that it last so long here in DC. Temperature started to drop right on cue the day after Labor day and this weekend is predicted to be delightfully crisp. To celebrate the coming of autumn I am going to one more baseball game tonight and tomorrow I'm headed on up to Amish country. My sweet mom is coming for a visit and we're hoping to catch a harvest festival, to drool over phenomenal quilts, and partake of some of the wholesome goodness of Lancaster County.

And you know what I did last night? After laundry, that is, man did I have a lot of laundry. Well, I charged the battery for my camera. Yes, I planned. I had to tear my room apart and actually put some things away as well to find it. But it's done. I have a fully charged battery. And I hope that that planning pays off and I remember to take some photos this weekend.

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