Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wild life photography

Well it turns out that despite my planning I didn't take any pictures in Pennsylvania last weekend. Not that it wasn't beautiful and no that I didn't think of it, it's just at most of those Kodak moments I was behind the wheel and neglected to stop. So I'm sharing a few pics that I took in my own backyard, er actually my front yard. There are dozens of these little rabbits that call my neighborhood home and from the performance I saw last week, there are sure to be a dozen more in no time, dirty rabbits. I find it interesting that they have taken no interest in my vegetable garden but I'm grateful and I guess they like the wild stuff better and there's no shortage of that.

Also some bumblebees on my Bee Balm. I just love Bumblebees and this Bee Balm really surprised me with such a lovely color.

We also have squirrels and a mysterious burrower that we've never seen but he keeps his hole quite tidy. Not to mention the birds, it's quite a menagerie.

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