Thursday, September 29, 2011

good day sunshine

It's been a bit of an off day. The sort where climbing back into bed feels like the only sensible thing to do. But I fight it I did - for better or worse, I coaxed myself out of bed and made it into work. By lunch I was still entertaining fantasies of crawling back to bed, so I took action. I took 2 ibprofin (for my head ache) and headed out. I picked up a big diet coke on ice and a chocolate chocolate chip cookie with my lunch and made my way to the park. If medication, caffeine and chocolate weren't enough some fresh air was sure to help.

And then the sun came out. The heat of summer has past, but instead of crisp autumn air, we've had a lot of grey and damp weather around here. Though I hate to complain about the weather, I'd been craving some sunshine. And my oh my, did it feel good. If the sun hadn't ducked behind a cloud, I might not have been able to drag myself away. I found myself singing this on my way back to work. 

This video made me smile. 

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