Friday, October 21, 2011


Upon moving to DC, I had one primary goal in mind. That goal was to stay in one place for over a year. Ever since I left home to go to law school, I've been bouncing around this glorious country, never able to settle down. For 3 years in a row, I resided in 3 states. That's 3 states in one calendar year, repeated 3 times. Filing for taxes alone was a headache, not to mention all that moving.

When I spent an entire 12 months is Alaska I set a sort of record for myself. But I knew that Alaska and I just weren't meant to be. So I took a lesson from Robert Poste's Child* and resorted to the kindness of relatives. My dear Aunt agreed to put me up while I looked for a job and a place to live. And last October, I quickly found both. So here I am. Living in the same house for more than a year (a year and a week) to be precise and it feels so good.

But change is inevitable and it seems that all of my housemates have decided (for different reasons) that they will be moving out in the next couple months. And that leaves me in the predicament of trying to fill all the rooms in the house or abandon ship like the rest of them. Boo. Just when it was starting to really feeling like home.

Change can be good. Right?

*Have you ever seen the movie Cold Comfort Farm? It is truly a gem and may have a little bit to do with my affinity for biplanes. I tried to read the book, but couldn't get into it. But the whole premise of the story is Flora (recent orphan) decides to live off of relatives, so as learn about real life and get material for the novel she plans to write. She ends up at Cold Comfort Farm and goes about trying to fix everyone's problems (of which there are plenty) and she does. Here's the trailer, complete with biplanes.


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