Monday, October 24, 2011

Is there more?

Yesterday afternoon I sought out a lovely garden, and there I basked in the beauty of a perfect fall day. My senses were awakened by the life all around me - stirring something deep inside of me. I closed my eyes taking it all in and found myself asking,

"Is there more?"

A while back, Elder Scott gave a talk about receiving spiritual guidance. In his talk, he told of an instance in which he received revelation, recorded it, and then asked, "is there more?" And he received more, asked again and again received more. 

I have found myself returning to this idea, pondering it I find myself asking, "is there more?" It's an interesting question really. There is so much implication tied up in those three little words - such humility, trust, curiosity and gratitude. To ask for more requires the asker to acknowledge that which they have already received, to recognize what they have received and seek. Seek out more, not knowing what is to come, hoping there is more and trusting it will come.  

It is a question that I keep asking because...
because I am continually assured that the answer is always YES!

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