Monday, October 3, 2011

balloon festival

A few weeks ago I went to hot air balloon festival at The Flying Circus in Bealeton,Virginia. Actually we got there late. We watched some of the balloons soar away as we drove and by the time we got there they had all left. But there as still plenty to see*. And they set up a final balloon to give rides to the kids. It was a beautiful evening and at dusk, the balloon was quite spectacular.

It reminded me of the classic movie, Night Crossing. It's the story of a family who escapes East Germany by hot air balloon in 1979. I remember watching it in elementary school. And upon watching it again, I think that it is still quite good and truly a remarkable story. If you have some time, you can watch the whole thing here through youtube. It's been broken up into several parts, but it's pretty easy to follow.

* More on biplanes and the Flying Circus in another post.

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